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(Above the Line)


#ATL - Full form of ATL is " #Above the Line" , Its a way of advertising of #communication & #Promotion the same advertising uses mass media as a medium to promote  brand and reach out a targets consumer in particular media in particular target audience. this types of advertising is usually aimed towards a large number of audiences and is much more efficient, when audience is very and  the same very difficult to defined in Platform.  These include conventional media as we know it, television and radio advertising, print as well as internet(digital).  This is communication that is targeted to a wider spread of audience, and is not specific to individual consumers. #ATL advertising tries to reach out to the mass as consumer audience.      

In other words, if an ad is submitted for publication and a communication is paid to an ad agencies to features the ad    , is known as #ATL.  



(Below the Line)


#BTL - Full Form of BTL is #Below the line", its a Its a way of advertising of #communication & #Promotion the same advertising uses changing customer preferences and choice startd talking its toll on #ATL  Promotion, which is become more often a customary     and too conventional form of #advertising. that''s where the idea     of "#below the line" . #BTL  advertising is more one to one, and involves the distribution of pamphlets, handbills, stickers, promotions, brochures placed at point of sale, on the roads through banners and placards. It could also involve product demos and samplings at busy places like malls and market places or residential complexes. For certain markets, like rural markets where the reach of mass media like print or television is limited, #BTL marketing with direct consumer outreach programmes do make the most sense. 


    Other BTL activities could include roadshows, or moving hoardings with the ad of the product, and vehicles with promotional staff interacting with people demonstrating the product and distributing  literature on the product.  BTL advertising is advertising that uses less conventional methods of advertising that the specific channels of advertising that may or may not be used by ATL advertising to promote products and services.  


in other words, if an ad submitted for publication and communication is paid to ad agencies for above made activates and different form of reports generation for targets audience. example its could also involve product demo and sampling at busy like mail and market or residential complexes. below the line adverting also focus on direct email & email ,often highly target list of names to maximum response rates of audience. 



(Through the Line)


#TTL - Full Form of TTL is #Through the line",  Basically, there is a new phrase called #Through the Line, or #TTL, which integrates both #ATL and #BTL activities. #BTL communications from brands is rapidly becoming a dying form of reaching out to the audience with agencies and clients going adopting the Integrated Communication approach. #Though the line refer to a promotional strategy taking advantage of the best of #ATL and #BTL advertising concepts,ensuring maximum growth of the product or the brand.  Here, the customer are guided from one medium to another. for Example, multiple offer of Big Bazzar, when term & condition is like to visit for store for availing the the same in confusion . check the news paper everyday full of offer available for confusion. 

in other line, if an ad submitted for any ads look with Stretchy with defined #ATL and #BTL route of Bus, with Pre - defined NORM,. actually any brand to Reach.  Its Actually #3rd-kind-of. Spans the marketing to the masses across different media better exposure , but also allow you to target audiences     using different paltforms for a higher      #ROI, Return of investment 


Author : Vipin Tondak, Director , Tondak Group
Date : 2018-11-08
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