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Time for In-shop Specialist in Branding and Merchandising Products 


" In Retail Store, if customer enter from door about 10 sec  understand  all display around us if he notice less 1 second to any particular POSM its work is over, Product change in BRAND .. My Ideal.. Shri Parminder Singh, Director Supreme Glow, New Delhi  


In short story in digital market , when everything is sell online Market Platform, physical Shopping mall going to next digital platform with the digital App need support of POSM item for low budgets rates in against heavy high budgets signage s, Outdoor hording, radio activities etc.    


Paytm like company use Small types of POP & Low budgets products in BTL activates its Means Merchandising, Like push/Pull Sticker, Sticker for QR CODE, Stand For QR code , Display Small Board(wall flange), Promotional Ballon , Standees etc. 

alt text








In start - up  business specially online, POSM provide the Back bone support to industry, these small activates d'nt in high lighting in the industries. Very much uniqueness comes in this industry with POSM still hidden in yearly budget of any business functions.  



"What people see is what sells" thought of Mother of this industry, Hope its next few year more interesting new movement is coming in POSM & Merchandising business.      



Author : Vipin Tondak - Director, AAR KAY Universal Pvt Limited
Date : 2018-11-17
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